“I have been utilizing the services of Haven Home Health Care nurse practitioners. Not only do they
provide excellent care to my patients, they also bring in patient population to my practice.”

– Ishtar Kumar, M.D.


“A long -term care facility that utilizes geriatric nurse practitioners can see a 30% overall improvement in
resident care.”

-Sharon Prentice, Administrator


“In the beginning I was very skeptical of Nurse Practitioner services but now I can see the great benefits
of this program.”

– Meredith Larose, RN

“Nurse practitioners services in our facility reduced the transfer of our residents to acute hospitals by
over 50%. ”.

– Brooke Thompson RN


It¹s impossible to write down all you have done without turning into a book. I can visualize My Dad’s expressions when you would drive up. Sometimes, he would put on that tough front, I don¹t need anyone, then he would smile when he would see you. You had a way of turning a bad day into one that would bring out the best in him.

The boxes of apples, peaches, even the worries he had about you when you were ill. You would treat him like a dad and there is no question in my mind, he treated you as his son. I knew you guys went someplace, he would call me, come get some apples right now…

When I first took him to a doctors, he said, this is not for me, I¹m not going to be like that old man using a cane, I would die first. Reality, there you are taking him in a wheel chair and oxygen. Life can be cruel, but it¹s also life and life is precious, and you dignified Dad in a way that made him want to keep living.

I could go on forever, I tried to keep it as brief as I could, but please feel free to add, change, anything that you can benefit from. There are many people out there who need you. You won¹t hurt my feelings by changing anything, I want this to be a recommendation to be something that can express my thoughts, but at the same time be of value for others to benefit from. Hard to believe that you will be taking care of me. If that time comes, I know I have absolute trust in you.

I wanted to thank Haven Home Health Care for taking care of my parents during these last few years with my stepdad and currently with my mother during their time of need. (Both parents contracted Work related Cancer from Exposure to radiation). From the very first day we met with Kirk, he gave us his word that he would work hard, give them the best possible care and would keep the family updated. We expected the best from him and he delivered. We have never been let down.

Kirk and his staff went beyond what we could have ever hoped for. The entire staff is very professional, attentive, caring, and empathetic. Any possible benefit or care that was needed was provided. He would research and would explore avenues that were available for these special needs. Many in the local area had not heard of the Department of Labor helping Uranium related illnesses. As he pioneered this field, he would implement the latest of care whether from finding Doctors, equipment, therapy, nutrition, palliative care, billing, or whatever it took and he would complete every step so that there was no worry to the family.

He forged bonds with doctors so they could work together and focus on solutions. We hired a true professional who respected our wishes, beliefs and became a friend. I would like to personally thank him and all his entire staff that have epitomized the true meaning of the ³word² care.
I highly recommend Victory Medical Solution’s.

” I cannot say enough good things about Haven Home Health Care, the have been there for me since I decided to use them for my healthcare provider.
Haven helped with Doctors visits, in home care along with in home dr visits utilizing face to face with a dr via tele med. If I’m sick I don’t have to go and sit in a dr’s office waiting to see the dr. Awesome! This is how our medical care should be! ….

Mario Sanchez