Medicaid Care

DDD Program

We invite you to learn about Haven Home Health Care, our approach to care-giving and the services we offer. We are proud to care for individuals in the whole state of Arizona with developmental disabilities. We provide person-centered services that focus on the needs and wants of the individuals we care for. Specifically, our services include skilled nursing, therapy, and personal care services that offer an important source of comfort and safety. We believe in the benefits that in-home patient care can provide. Our home health professionals include RNs and LPNs, Therapists (Physical, Occupational, and Speech), and Home Health Aides. Our goal is to provide the very best care for those we serve. Please feel free to contact us at 866-554-2836.

Article 9

The principles of Article 9 provide the foundation in which the best support is provided to individuals with disabilities. This course reviews individual’s dignity and rights, the Division of Developmental Disabilities’ rules regarding behavior management, and the prohibitions against neglect and abuse. Successful completion of this course is based on passing a written exam. Passing participants will receive a certification.

Prevention and Support

Prevention and Support course content includes positive behavioral support concepts and techniques, behavior assessment ideas and tools, and approved physical intervention techniques. Successful completion measured by comprehensive written and physical examination. Successful course participants receives a three year certification.

NOTE** You must be affiliated with a DES/DDD Qualified vendor or DES/DDD to be certified in Prevention & Support. Persons not affiliated with DES/DDD may participate in the class, but will only receive a certificate of participation.