EEOICPA Eligible Work Sites

The Department of Energy (DOE) via the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) has compiled a list of nearly 400 work sites that are eligible for some type of compensation via the EEOICPA.  Haven Home Health Care is compiling a list of approved EEOICPA eligible work sites.  Click on each site for individual, specific information on each site, including the eligible work periods in which EEOICPA compensation has been approved by the Department of Energy.


The Amchitka, Alaska Site

250px-Albany_Research_CenterThe Albany Research Center Site


The Lakeview, Oregon Site


The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Site


The Chariot, Alaska Site

The Big List of EEOICPA Facilities


The list below shows the three categories of employers defined by the Act:

  1. Atomic weapons employers (AWE)
  2. Department of Energy facilities (DOE)
  3. Beryllium vendors (BE)

Some facilities fall into more than one category. For example, a facility will have both DOE and AWE codes if ownership changed between the DOE and another entity. Each facility has a specific time frame for coverage under the Act as either an AWE, DOE or BE; facilities with multiple designation may have differing time periods for coverage by type.

Each of the categories is defined below:

1. Atomic Weapons Employers

Section 3621 (4) of the Act defines an atomic weapons employer as “an entity that–
(A) processed or produced, for the use by the United States, material that emitted radiation and was used in the production of an atomic weapon, excluding uranium mining and milling; and
(B) is designated as an atomic weapons employer for purposes of this title by the Secretary of Energy.”

Most facilities listed as an AWE conducted nuclear weapons-related work for a limited period of time or in certain select areas of the plant. For example, some sites worked with radioactive materials to evaluate processing machinery that was being considered for use in atomic weapons production. Radioactive materials may not have been used as a routine part of the facility’s operations.

EEOICPA Part B applies to AWE facilities and workers.


2. Department of Energy Facilities

Section 3621 (12) of the Act defines a Department of Energy facility as “any building, structure, or premise, including the grounds upon which such building, structure, or premise is located–
(A) in which operations are, or have been, conducted by, or on behalf of, the Department of Energy (except for buildings, structures, premises, grounds, or operations covered by Executive Order 12344, pertaining to the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program); and
(B) with regard to which the Department of Energy has or had–
(i) a proprietary interest; or
(ii) entered into a contract with an entity to provide management and operation, management and integration, environmental remediation services, construction, or maintenance services.”

EEOICPA Part B and Part E applies to DOE facilities and workers.


3. Beryllium Vendors

Section 3621(6) of the Act defines beryllium vendor as the following:
“(A) Atomics International.
(B) Brush Wellman, Incorporated, and its predecessor, Brush Beryllium Company.
(C) General Atomics.
(D) General Electric Company.
(E) NGK Metals Corporation and its predecessors, Kawecki-Berylco, Cabot Corporation, BerylCo, and Beryllium Corporation of America.
(F) Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation.
(G) StarMet Corporation, and its predecessor, Nuclear Metals, Incorporated.
(H) Wyman Gordan, Incorporated.
(I) Any other vendor, processor, or producer of beryllium or related products designated as a beryllium vendor for purposes of this title under Section 3622.”

 EEOICPA Part B applies to BE facilities and workers.


Covered Facility List
(This list is updated periodically)

ST  Facility Name                                                   Location          Type
AL  Southern Research Institute                             Sylacauga         AWE
AL  Speed Ring Experimental & Tool Company                  Culman            BE
AL  Tennessee Valley Authority                              Muscle Shoals     AWE
AK  Amchitka Island Nuclear Explosion Site                  Amchitka Island   DOE
AK  Project Chariot Site                                    Cape Thompson     DOE
CA  Arthur D. Little Co.                                    San Francisco     AWE
CA  Atomics International                                   Canoga Park       BE
CA  Burris Park Field Station                               Kingsburg         AWE
CA  Ceradyne, Inc.                                          Santa Ana         BE
CA  Dow Chemical Co.                                        Walnut Creek      AWE
CA  Electro Circuits, Inc.                                  Pasadena          AWE
CA  Energy Technology Engineering Center                    Santa Susana      DOE
CA  General Atomics                                         La Jolla          AWE/BE/DOE
CA  General Electric Vallecitos                             Pleasanton        AWE
CA  Hunter Douglas Aluminum Corp.                           Riverside         AWE
CA  Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research           Davis             DOE
CA  Laboratory of Biomedical and Environmental Sciences     Los Angeles       DOE
CA  Laboratory of Radiobiology and Environmental Health     San Francisco     DOE
CA  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory                   Berkeley          DOE
CA  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory                  Livermore         DOE
CA  Sandia Laboratory, Salton Sea Base                      Imperial County   DOE
CA  Sandia National Laboratories–Livermore                 Livermore         DOE
CA  Stanford Linear Accelerator Center                      Palo Alto         DOE
CA  Stauffer Metals, Inc.                                   Richmond          AWE
CA  University of California                                Berkeley          AWE/DOE
CO  Coors Porcelain                                         Golden            BE
CO  Project Rio Blanco Nuclear Explosion Site               Rifle             DOE
CO  Project Rulison Nuclear Explosion Site                  Grand Valley      DOE
CO  Rocky Flats Plant                                       Golden            DOE
CO  Shattuck Chemical                                       Denver            AWE
CO  University of Denver Research Institute                 Denver            AWE/BE
CT  American Chain and Cable Co.                            Bridgeport        AWE
CT  Anaconda Co.                                            Waterbury         AWE
CT  Bridgeport Brass Co., Havens Lab                        Bridgeport        AWE
CT  Combustion Engineering                                  Windsor           AWE/DOE
CT  Connecticut Aircraft Nuclear Engine Lab. (CANEL)        Middletown        BE/DOE
CT  Dorr Corp.                                              Stamford          AWE
CT  Fenn Machinery Co.                                      Hartford          AWE
CT  New England Lime Co.                                    Canaan            AWE
CT  Seymour Specialty Wire                                  Seymour           AWE/DOE
CT  Sperry Products, Inc.                                   Danbury           AWE
CT  Torrington Co.                                          Torrington        AWE
DE  Allied Chemical and Dye Corp.                           North Claymont    AWE
DC  National Bureau of Standards, Van Ness Street           Washington        AWE
DC  Naval Research Laboratory                               Washington        AWE/DOE
FL  American Beryllium Co.                                  Sarasota          BE
FL  Armour Fertilizer Works                                 Bartow            AWE
FL  C.F. Industries, Inc.                                   Bartow            AWE
FL  Gardinier, Inc.                                         Tampa             AWE
FL  International Minerals and Chemical Corp.               Mulberry          AWE
FL  Pinellas Plant                                          Clearwater        DOE
FL  University of Florida                                   Gainesville       AWE
FL  Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corp                         Nichols           AWE
FL  W.R. Grace Co., Agricultural Chemical Div.              Ridgewood         AWE
ID  Argonne National Laboratory–West                       Scoville          DOE
ID  Idaho National Engineering Laboratory                   Scoville          DOE
IL  Allied Chemical Corp.                                   Metropolis        AWE
IL  American Machine and Metals, Inc.                       E. Moline         AWE
IL  Argonne National Laboratory–East                       Argonne           DOE
IL  Armour Research Foundation                              Chicago           AWE
IL  Blockson Chemical Co                                    Joliet            AWE
IL  C-B Tool Products Co.                                   Chicago           AWE
IL  Crane Co.                                               Chicago           AWE
IL  ERA Tool and Engineering Co.                            Chicago           AWE
IL  Fansteel Metallurgical Corp.                            North Chicago     BE
IL  Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory                   Batavia           DOE
IL  Granite City Steel                                      Granite City      AWE/DOE
IL  Great Lakes Carbon Corp.                                Chicago           AWE
IL  GSA 39th Street Warehouse                               Chicago           AWE
IL  International Register                                  Chicago           AWE
IL  Kaiser Aluminum Corp.                                   Dalton            AWE
IL  Lindsay Light and Chemical Co.                          W. Chicago        AWE
IL  Madison Site (Speculite)                                Madison           AWE/DOE
IL  Midwest Manufacturing Co.                               Galesbury         AWE
IL  Museum of Science and Industry                          Chicago           AWE
IL  National Guard Armory                                   Chicago           AWE/DOE
IL  Podbeliniac Corp.                                       Chicago           AWE
IL  Precision Extrusion Co.                                 Bensenville       AWE
IL  Quality Hardware and Machine Co.                        Chicago           AWE
IL  R. Krasburg and Sons Manufacturing Co.                  Chicago           AWE
IL  Sciaky Brothers, Inc.                                   Chicago           AWE
IL  Swenson Evaporator Co.                                  Harvey            AWE
IL  University of Chicago                                   Chicago           AWE/DOE
IL  W.E. Pratt Manufacturing Co.                            Joliet            AWE
IL  Wycoff Drawn Steel Co.                                  Chicago           AWE
IN  American Bearing Corp.                                  Indianapolis      AWE
IN  Dana Heavy Water Plant                                  Dana              DOE
IN  General Electric Plant                                  Shelbyville       AWE
IN  Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Co.                     Ft. Wayne         AWE
IN  Purdue University Van der Graaf Lab.                    Lafayette         AWE
IN  Washrite                                                Indianapolis      AWE
IA  Ames Laboratory                                         Ames              DOE
IA  Iowa Ordnance Plant                                     Burlington        DOE
IA  Titus Metals                                            Waterloo          AWE
KS  Spencer Chemical Co., Jayhawks Works                    Pittsburg         AWE
KY  Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant                         Paducah           DOE
MR* Eniwetok Test Site                                      Marshall Islands  DOE
MD  Armco-Rustless Iron & Steel                             Baltimore         AWE
MD  W.R. Grace and Company                                  Curtis Bay        AWE/DOE
MA  American Potash & Chemical                              West Hanover      AWE
MA  C.G. Sargent & Sons                                     Graniteville      AWE
MA  Chapman Valve                                           Indian Orchard    AWE/DOE
MA  Edgerton Germeshausen & Grier, Inc.                     Boston            AWE
MA  Fenwal, Inc.                                            Ashland           AWE
MA  Franklin Institute                                      Boston            BE
MA  Heald Machine Co.                                       Worcester         AWE
MA  La Pointe Machine and Tool Co.                          Hudson            AWE
MA  Massachusetts Institute of Technology                   Cambridge         AWE/BE
MA  Metals and Controls Corp.                               Attleboro         AWE
MA  National Research Corp.                                 Cambridge         AWE
MA  Norton Co.                                              Worcester         AWE/BE
MA  Nuclear Metals, Inc.                                    Concord           AWE/BE
MA  Reed Rolled Thread Co.                                  Worcester         AWE
MA  Shpack Landfill                                         Norton            AWE/DOE
MA  Ventron Corporation                                     Beverly           AWE/DOE
MA  Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center            Winchester        DOE
MA  Woburn Landfill                                         Woburn            AWE
MA  Wyman Gordon Inc. Grayton,                              North Grafton     BE
MI  AC Spark Plug                                           Flint             BE
MI  Baker-Perkins Co.                                       Saginaw           AWE
MI  Carboloy Co.                                            Detroit           AWE
MI  Extruded Metals Co.                                     Grand Rapids      AWE
MI  General Motors                                          Adrian            AWE/DOE
MI  Gerity-Michigan Corp.                                   Adrian            BE
MI  Mitts & Merrel Co.                                      Saginaw           AWE
MI  Oliver Corp.                                            Battle Creek      AWE
MI  Revere Copper and Brass                                 Detroit           AWE/BE
MI  Speed Ring Experimental & Tool Company                  Detroit           BE
MI  Star Cutter Corp.                                       Farmington        AWE
MI  University of Michigan                                  Ann Arbor         AWE
MI  Wolverine Tube Division                                 Detroit           AWE
MN  Elk River Reactor                                       Elk River         DOE
MS  Salmon Nuclear Explosion Site                           Hattiesburg       DOE
MO  Kansas City Plant                                       Kansas City       DOE
MO  Latty Avenue Properties                                 Hazelwood         AWE/DOE
MO  Mallinckrodt Chemical Co., Destrehan St. Plant          St. Louis         AWE/DOE
MO  Medart Co.                                              St. Louis         AWE
MO  Roger Iron Co.                                          Joplin            AWE
MO  Spencer Chemical Co.                                    Kansas City       AWE
MO  St. Louis Airport Site                                  St. Louis         AWE/DOE
MO  Tyson Valley Powder Farm                                St. Louis         AWE
MO  United Nuclear Corp.                                    Hematite          AWE
MO  Weldon Spring Plant                                     Weldon Spring     DOE
NE  Hallam Sodium Graphite Reactor                          Hallam            DOE
NV  Nevada Test Site                                        Mercury           DOE
NV  Project Faultless Nuclear Explosion Site                Central NTS       DOE
NV  Project Shoal Nuclear Explosion Site                    Fallon            DOE
NV  Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project            Yucca Mountain    DOE
NJ  Aluminum Co. of America (Alcoa)                         Garwood           AWE
NJ  American Peddinghaus Corp.                              Moonachle         AWE
NJ  Baker and Williams Co.                                  Newark            AWE
NJ  Bell Telephone Laboratories                             Murray Hill       AWE
NJ  Bloomfield Tool Co.                                     Bloomfield        AWE
NJ  Bowen Lab.                                              North Branch      AWE
NJ  Callite Tungsten Co.                                    Union City        AWE
NJ  Chemical Construction Co.                               Linden            AWE
NJ  Du Pont Deepwater Works                                 Deepwater         AWE/DOE
NJ  International Nickel Co., Bayonne Labs                  Bayonne           AWE
NJ  J.T. Baker Chemical Co.                                 Phillipsburg      AWE
NJ  Kellex/Pierpont                                         Jersey City       AWE/DOE
NJ  Maywood Chemical Works                                  Maywood           AWE/DOE
NJ  Middlesex Municipal Landfill                            Middlesex         AWE/DOE
NJ  Middlesex Sampling Plant                                Middlesex         DOE
NJ  National Beryllia                                       Haskell           BE
NJ  New Brunswick Laboratory                                New Brunswick     DOE
NJ  Picatinny Arsenal                                       Dover             AWE
NJ  Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory                     Princeton         DOE
NJ  Rare Earths/ W.R. Grace                                 Wayne             AWE/DOE
NJ  Standard Oil Development Co. of NJ                      Linden            AWE
NJ  Tube Reducing Co.                                       Wallington        AWE

NJ  U.S. Pipe and Foundry                                   Burlington        BE
NJ  United Lead Co.                                         Middlesex         AWE
NJ  Vitro Corp. of America                                  West Orange       AWE
NJ  Westinghouse Electric Corp.                             Bloomfield        AWE
NJ  Wykoff Steel Co.                                        Newark            AWE
NM  Chupadera Mesa Chupadera                                Mesa              DOE
NM  Los Alamos Medical Center                               Los Alamos        DOE
NM  Los Alamos National Laboratory                          Los Alamos        DOE
NM  Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute                 Albuquerque       DOE
NM  Project Gasbuggy Nuclear Explosion Site                 Farmington        DOE
NM  Project Gnome Nuclear Explosion Site                    Carlsbad          DOE
NM  Sandia National Laboratories                            Albuquerque       DOE
NM  South Albuquerque Works                                 Albuquerque       DOE
NM  Trinity Nuclear Explosion Site                          White Sands MR    DOE
NM  Waste Isolation Pilot Plant                             Carlsbad          DOE
NY  Allegheny-Ludlum Steel                                  Watervliet        AWE
NY  American Machine and Foundry                            Brooklyn          AWE
NY  Ashland Oil                                             Tonawanda         AWE/DOE
NY  Baker and Williams Warehouses                           New York          AWE/DOE
NY  Bethlehem Steel                                         Lackawana         AWE
NY  Bliss & Laughlin Steel                                  Buffalo           AWE/DOE
NY  Brookhaven National Laboratory                          Upton             DOE
NY  Burns & Roe, Inc.                                       Maspeth           BE
NY  Colonie Site (National Lead)                            Colonie           AWE/DOE
NY  Columbia University                                     New York City     AWE/DOE
NY  Electro Metallurgical                                   Niagara Falls     AWE
NY  General Astrometals                                     Yonkers           BE
NY  Hooker Electrochemical                                  Niagara Falls     AWE
NY  International Rare Metals Refinery, Inc.                Mt. Kisko         AWE
NY  Ithaca Gun Co.                                          Ithaca            AWE
NY  Lake Ontario Ordnance Works                             Niagara Falls     DOE
NY  Ledoux and Co.                                          New York          AWE
NY  Linde Air Products                                      Buffalo           AWE
NY  Linde Ceramics Plant                                    Tonawanda         AWE/DOE
NY  New York University                                     New York          AWE
NY  Peek Street Facility**                                  Schenectady       DOE
NY  Radium Chemical Co.                                     New York          AWE
NY  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                        Troy              AWE
NY  Sacandaga Facility**                                    Glenville         DOE
NY  Seaway Industrial Park                                  Tonawanda         AWE/DOE
NY  Seneca Army Depot                                       Romulus           AWE
NY  Separations Process Research Unit(at Knolls Lab.)**     Schenectady       DOE
NY  Simonds Saw and Steel Co.                               Lockport          AWE
NY  Staten Island Warehouse                                 New York          AWE
NY  Sylvania Corning Nuclear Corp.                          Hicksville        AWE/DOE
NY  Sylvania Products Corp.                                 Bayside           AWE/BE
NY  Titanium Alloys Manufacturing                           Niagara Falls     AWE
NY  Trudeau Foundation                                      Saranac Lake      BE
NY  University of Rochester Medical Laboratory              Rochester         AWE/DOE
NY  Utica St. Warehouse                                     Buffalo           AWE
NY  West Valley Demonstration Project                       West Valley       DOE
NC  Beryllium Metals and Chemical Corp.                     Bessemer City     BE
NC  University of North Carolina                            Chapel Hill       BE
OH  Air Force Plant 36                                      Evandale          AWE
OH  Ajax Magnathermic Corp.                                 Youngstown        AWE
OH  Alba Craft                                              Oxford            AWE/DOE
OH  Associated Aircraft Tool & Manufacturing Co.            Fairfield         AWE/DOE
OH  B & T Metals                                            Columbus          AWE/DOE
OH  Baker Brothers                                          Toledo            AWE/DEL
OH  Battelle Columbus Laboratories                          Columbus          AWE
OH  Battelle Memorial Institute                             Columbus          AWE/BE/DOE
OH  Beryllium Production Plant (Brush)                      Luckey            BE/DOE
OH  Brush Beryllium Co.                                     Elmore            AWE/BE
OH  Brush Beryllium Co.                                     Cleveland         AWE/BE
OH  Brush Beryllium Co.                                     Loraine           AWE/BE
OH  Cincinnati Milling Machine Co.                          Cincinnati        AWE
OH  Clifton Products Co.                                    Clifton           BE
OH  Clifton Products Co.                                    Painesville       BE
OH  Copperweld Steel                                        Warren            AWE
OH  Du Pont-Grasselli Research Laboratory                   Cleveland         AWE
OH  Extrusion Plant                                         Ashtabula         DOE
OH  Feed Materials Production Center                                 Fernald           DOE
OH  General Electric Company                                           Evendale          AWE/BE/DOE
OH  Gruen Watch                                                              Norwood           AWE
OH  Harshaw Chemical Co.                                                Cleveland         AWE
OH  Herring-Hall Marvin Safe Co.                                        Hamilton          AWE/DOE
OH  Horizons, Inc.                                                             Cleveland         AWE
OH  Kettering Laboratory, Univ. of Cincinnati                       Cincinnati        BE
OH  Magnus Brass Co.                                                       Cincinnati        AWE
OH  McKinney Tool and Manufacturing Co.                           Cleveland         AWE
OH  Mitchell Steel Co.                                                        Cincinnati        AWE
OH  Monsanto Chemical Co.                                               Dayton            AWE
OH  Mound Plant                                                               Miamisburg        DOE
OH  Painesville Site (Diamond Magnesium Co.)                    Painesville       AWE/DOE
OH  Piqua Organic Moderated Reactor                                 Piqua             DOE
OH  Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant                              Piketon           DOE
OH  R. W. Leblond Machine Tool Co.                                   Cincinnati        AWE
OH  Tech-Art, Inc.                                                             Milford           AWE
OH  Tocco Induction Heating Div.                                        Cleveland         AWE
OH  Vulcan Tool Co.                                                           Dayton            AWE
OK  Kerr-McGee                                                                Guthrie           AWE
OR  Albany Research Center                                               Albany            AWE/DOE
OR  Wah Chang                                                                 Albany            AWE
PA  Aeroprojects, Inc.                                                        West Chester      AWE
PA  Aliquippa Forge                                                            Aliquippa         AWE/DOE
PA  Aluminum Co. of America (Alcoa)                                  New Kensington    AWE
PA  Babcock & Wilcox                                                        Parks Township    AWE
PA  Beryllium Corp. of America                                           Hazleton          BE
PA  Beryllium Corp. of America                                           Reading           BE
PA  Birdsboro Steel & Foundry                                            Birdsboro         AWE
PA  C.H. Schnoor                                                               Springdale        AWE/DOE
PA  Carnegie Mellon Cyclotron Facility                                  Saxonburg         AWE
PA  Carpenter Steel Co.                                                      Reading           AWE
PA  Chambersburg Engineering Co.                                      Chambersburg      AWE
PA  Foote Mineral Co.                                                          E. Whiteland Twp. AWE
PA  Frankford Arsenal                                                          Philadelphia      AWE
PA  Heppenstall Co.                                                             Pittsburgh        AWE
PA  Jessop Steel Co.                                                            Washington        AWE
PA  Koppers Co., Inc.                                                           Pittsburgh        AWE
PA  Landis Machine Tool Co.                                                 Waynesboro        AWE
PA  McDaniel Refractory Co.                                                  Beaver Falls      BE
PA  Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corp.                             Apollo            AWE/BE
PA  Penn Salt Co.                                                                 Philadelphia      AWE
PA  Philadelphia Naval Yard                                                   Philadelphia      AWE
PA  Shippingport Atomic Power Plant                                     Shippingport      DOE
PA  Superior Steel Co.                                                          Carnegie          AWE
PA  U.S. Steel Co., National Tube Division                              McKeesport        AWE
PA  Vitro Manufacturing                                                        Cannonsburg       AWE/BE
PA  Westinghouse Atomic Power Development Plant                East Pittsburgh   AWE
PR  BONUS Reactor Plant                                                      Punta Higuera     DOE
PR  Puerto Rico Nuclear Center                                              Mayaguez          DOE
RI  C.I. Hayes, Inc.                                                               Cranston          AWE
SC  Savannah River Site                                                        Aiken             DOE
TN  Clarksville Facility                                                            Clarksville       DOE
TN  Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (K-25)                         Oak Ridge         DOE
TN  Oak Ridge Hospital                                                          Oak Ridge         DOE
TN  Oak Ridge Institute for Science Education                         Oak Ridge         DOE
TN  Oak Ridge National Laboratory (X-10)                              Oak Ridge         DOE
TN  Vitro Corp. of America                                                      Chattanooga       AWE/BE
TN  W. R. Grace                                                                     Erwin             AWE
TN  Y-12 Plant                                                                       Oak Ridge         DOE
TX  AMCOT                                                                            Forth Worth       AWE
TX  Mathieson Chemical Co                                                     Pasadena          AWE
TX  Medina Facility                                                                 San Antonio       DOE
TX  Pantex Plant                                                                    Amarillo          DOE
TX  Sutton, Steele and Steele Co.                                            Dallas            AWE
TX  Texas City Chemicals, Inc.                                                Texas City        AWE
VA  Babcock & Wilcox Co.                                                       Lynchburg         AWE
VA  Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility                    Newport News      DOE
VA  University of Virginia                                                        Charlottesville   AWE
WA  Hanford                                                                          Richland          DOE
WA  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory                               Richland          DOE
WV  Huntington Pilot Plant                                                      Huntington        AWE/DOE
WI  Allis-Chalmers Co.                                                            West Allis        AWE
WI  Besley-Wells                                                                    South Beloit      AWE
WI  LaCrosse Boiling Water Reactor                                         LaCrosse          DOE
WI  Ladish Co.                                                                       Cudahy            BE
* Marshall Islands
** Consistent with the Act, coverage is limited to activities not performed under the responsibility of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion program.